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Annex Training is a program/gym full of welcoming, kind, encouraging, and hard working individuals of all ages and all backgrounds. Although we are all unique individuals at different points in our fitness journey’s, we pursue excellence as one. We follow the age old beliefs of Positive Health in the sense that the interaction of genetics, nutrition, and exercise influences the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of overall human health and happiness. Our program is designed to execute a systematic flow of novelty, variety, and constant challenges - physical and mental - all while balancing important supplemental factors such as stress management and balanced nutrition.

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What is Annex?

The word Annex literally breaks down to meaning “In addition to something bigger”. Every single individual who walks into our doors has a unique reason for walking into our doors, a bigger purpose if you will. Whether you’re looking to be happy in your own skin, build some muscle, be able to pick up your grandkids, cope with an addiction - there’s always something bigger guiding your workouts. The Annex is the in between to help you reach these goals. Our priority is our people.

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