Annex Core

Annex Core

We are a team, no one is bigger than the team, and we aspire to be great together. Having a team oriented approach to all we do. Be humble and encourage human-connection, collaboration, and collective ownership to cultivate a safe environment of trust, respect, and family where no one is left behind.

We are never too big to do the small things that need to be done. Doing it properly, so no one else has to. This holds true to our genuine self as well as the way we train. We truly listen while others are talking. Constantly seek opportunities to encourage and complement others. We are proud. We aree responsible. We are confident. We never make excuses. Never lose patience. We are all responsible for the way we affect those around us.

We are good to ourselves and to others. No matter race, gender, sexual orientation, fitness level, status, or any other determining factor – all are treated with respect and genuine friendliness. We all go out of our way to welcome new members and openly invite them onto the team. We respect all people – our coaches, training partners, fellow gym members – the gym itself, the equipment within, the positive vibe, and above all else – yourself.

This space is one where we are continually learning and teaching others what you learn. We are all students striving for excellence via accumulative learning and incremental improvement. We push beyond your comfort zones, training and learning, with intensity to accelerate personal growth in all areas.

Not only do we strive for perfecting ourselves within the gym, we also live a life to give back to a cause bigger than ourselves connecting the past, present, and future as one.