Annex Training is here to help evolve the concept of group and team training to achieve each individual athlete’s maximum potential alongside their teammates. Team and group training is a perfect addition to any in-season or off-season program to begin to include the importance of strength training, mobility work, and speed and athleticism improvement. Times and sessions are setup in advance and a coach, or coaches, are assigned to your group. Our staff will ensure proper technique while pushing a competitive mindset.
Sessions include:
– Warm up, mobility and proper cool down
– Progressive approach to maximize individuals’ strengths and build on weaknesses
– Corrective exercises aimed at reducing injury
– Competitive group atmosphere
– 15:1 Member to coach ratio

Semi Private Youth Athlete Training (Ages 8-13)

Semi Private Youth Athlete Training (Ages 8-13)
Youth Development is designed for athletes ages 8 to 13. Athletes will learn foundational movement patterns and develop overall athleticism. We teach athletes how to properly squat, lunge, hinge, push and pull with minimal external load. Every session will focus on acceleration, deceleration, change in direction and how to control your body through athletic actions.
Group sizes will cap out at a maximum of 8 athletes.

Semi Private College Prep (Ages 14-18)

A perfect fit for athletes ages 14 and older. Our College Prep Program offers functional full body workouts with expert coaching, every single session. It is our goal to make you stronger, faster, and more explosive, all while focusing our attention on injury prevention. Each session includes a dynamic warm-up, strength, power, acceleration, and joint-based strength training.
Every membership includes:
New Member Onboarding establishing confidence in movements
Progressions with coaching adjustments to cater to all athlete needs
60 minute sessions led by our full-time staff
8 or less athletes each session


We offer a variety of Speed and Strength Camps throughout the year. Camps are either 6-weeks long or 10-weeks long during the summer. Athletes will develop the ability to gain top end speed, power, and explosion in preparation for athletic performance. They will also learn how to lift weights in a safe and progressive environment making them stronger and more capable on the field. Every athlete will improve energy system capacity, ultimate level of strength, and get pushed physically and mentally each training session.
Each program is open to a maximum of 12 athletes. So make sure to register asap to reserve your spot.
6-Week Winter-Session:
Dates: January 8th-Februaty 18th:
Times: Tuesdays and Fridays 4pm-6pm
Sessions: 12
10-Week Summer Intensive Program:
Dates: June 3rd-August 11th
Times: TBD
Sessions: 18 Sessions (Week break for 4th of July)